Sheet Metal Processing

Amada CNC Laser Processing

Saturn’s facility utilizes the most technologically advanced CNC laser cutting technology available today. With our Amada’s largest high production laser, the LC-F1 NT, Saturn has the capability to process 6’ x 12’ sheets of mild steel up to 1-½” (38mm) thick, stainless steel up to ¾” (19mm) thick and aluminum up to ½” (12mm) thick. With the laser’s linear drive and water assisted cutting technology we offer a level of accuracy previously unobtainable other than by machining. Couple this with the ability to laser etch our customer’s serial or identification numbers into each part, the final assembly and parts management time will be significantly decreased.

Amada CNC Brake Processing

Saturn’s Amada HDS 2204NT 250 ton, 14 foot CNC press brake is a high productivity machine designed to eliminate the setup and layout typically associated with bending sheet metal.

These two machines working together allow for quick and highly precise sheet metal cutting and forming to specific customer specifications.