Jamb Cleaner

Jamb Cleaner

This piece of Saturn equipment cleans carbon and foreign materials from the oven jamb.

First, a hydraulic cylinder raises and extends a cleaning head to a horizontal position. When the head extends about two inches, a high pressure solenoid de-energizes, causing the head to move slowly.

The head continues to extend until it presses against the jamb (with low pressure). At about 8 inches before the upper limit, the carriage slows down to avoid damage.

At the upper limit, the carriage reverses and cleans at a high speed down the jamb. The carriage slows down when it is about 8 inches from the lower limit. When it starts slowing down for the lower limit, an air blast begins to clean the hearth plate. The carriage stops at the lower limit and waits for the air blow to stop. Then the carriage starts up in high speed, going to the home position. About 16 inches before the home position, it slows down. As the carriage approaches home position, the cleaning head retracts.

To accommodate jambs distorted to various shapes, the jamb cleaner is articulated; that is, it has “joints” that adapt the machine to changing jamb situations, much like wrist and shoulder joints that pivot together to allow the hand to reach unusual positions. One “joint” is the cleaning head. While the cleaning head assembly mounts to the oven travel ram, the head itself is fastened to a pivot pin, which allows the head to move and adapt to a twisted jamb as it travels up and down the oven. Another “joint” is the entire jamb cleaner. The whole machine, including the main support columns, will swing from side-to-side, like a swinging door, Such movement gives great flexibility on the battery.