Door Cleaner

Door Cleaner

The coke oven door cleaner cleans carbon and foreign materials from the oven door seal surface and the door plug areas.

Compact and easily maintained, the door cleaner depends on hydraulic cylinders, short lengths of wire cable, a programmable logic controller (PLC), and intricate software to clean door seal and plug surfaces.

First, the door extractor (or cleaner) extends until the door is in cleaning position. This action also activates a limit switch which starts the door cleaner operation.

In the cleaning cycle, wire steel cable act as cleaning brushes and automatically run up and down door surfaces. Two hydraulic cylinders oscillate these brushes. Hydraulic stroke is adjustable through positioning proximity switches. The cleaning cycle is controlled by a PLC which allows for complete customization.

The brush (wire cleaning cable) carriage mounts on a structural steel frame, which allows brush wear adjustment of up to 2 inches. The cleaning brushes, held in position by only one bolt, slide into a tool holder. The brushes mount on a chain assembly that has permanently lubricated bearings and rollers.

A unique feature of the door cleaner is the position of its main frame. The frame sits outside the perimeter of the oven door, which forces the cleaning tools to reduce speed as they clean the corner area of the door seal. This slowing action enables the brushes to safely clean the corner area, which most door cleaners find difficult, if not impossible.

The door cleaner can effectively be mounted in several positions. It may be installed on a door or pusher machine so that the door is cleaned as the machine does other jobs. On the machines, the cleaner may either be stationary or moveable. When needed, the door cleaner may be permanently placed on the battery, such as in a breezeway, complete with its own hydraulic system.