• Built to Serve

    As one of the country’s leading steel products manufacturing companies, Saturn Machine and Welding Company, Incorporated offers skill, experience, and eagerness to work with your company.

  • Technologically Skilled

    Saturn employs highly trained machinists to operate today’s most advanced equipment. These carefully maintained machines are housed in 23,000 square feet of heated fabricating space and 9,000

  • Excellence in Design

    In addition to fabricating special steel products, Saturn Machine has developed a new line of coke oven doors, door cleaners, and jamb cleaners. We employ professional engineers specializing in the

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Quality control personnel, design and skilled machinists are organized into one administrative team capable of producing a job from concept to the finished product. All operations are carefully


Saturn Machine is a designer and manufacturer of equipment (from heavy complete machines to small/simple weldments) for every major steel company in North America. We specialize in problem-solving for our customers and pride ourselves on the quality of product delivered. Saturn is looking to expand and would like to begin offering our wide skill sets to more customers. Some of our capabilities include in house mechanical & electrical engineering, hydraulic system design specialists, machinists, and welding fabricators. Our facility features new machinery which includes a large (6’x12’) 6000W Amada laser and several large HAAS CNC machining centers and lathes. Below I have included links to a digital copy of our brochure and a brief compilation of pictures of past projects. Please visit our website (listed in the signature of this email) and feel free to contact me at any time if you should have any questions. I appreciate your time and would appreciate your consideration when bidding future projects.